I thought it would be fun to photograph and interview entrepreneurs and people that inspire me. So I photographed Danielle and Jodie of the incredibly fashionable jewelry line DANNIJO. They are superstars. And super close sisters. They started out in NY working at other fashion companies, but eventually came together to create punk rock/indie hipster/classic/whimsical jewelry statement pieces. I am so in love with their art (in the rotating banner above, you can see me wearing their necklace)!

LINDSEYBELLE: If you met yourself at a party, what would you think of yourself?
DANIELLE: This is a hard one... Approachable. Funny. That I like to have a good time. Sortof low key.
JODIE: That I am more reserved than I really am. It takes me a second to warm up.

L: Speaking of parties, what's better than a DANNIJO arm party
D: Nothing [laughs]
J: A Dannijo arm party on vacation!
D: Haha! Yes, perfect!

L: What scares you?
D: Rodents.
J: Flying. And sometimes change. Change is scary, but makes you a better person. It is important to push yourself.

L: Where do you get your inspiration?
D: Lots of different places. Jodie and I have different styles. I am more bohemian rock and roll and Jodie is more classic. So it's fun to combine our two styles. Actually our parents were art collectors and our dad collects watches, so we were always fascinated with art and accessories growing up. We take a lot of inspiration from different cultures, photographs, old movies, and music. We don't follow trending reports. We make pieces that we would want to wear. And we go with it. 
L: Your dad is a doctor and I read that you found your dad's medical tool kit when you were teenagers and you learned how to do wire work. Thus the start of your jewelry making skills! Very cool.

L: I know you were fearless when you first talked to Bergdorfs. You didn't take "no, not right now" for an answer. You kept pushing and got in the door. If you could give one piece of advice for people starting their own business, what would it be? 
DJ: Don't live in fear. Surround yourself with loyal friends and family. You need a support group to keep you motivated. Danielle and I are lucky to have each other.

L: You two are part of the Summit Series conference. Why do you think it is so important to attend conventions and conferences in industries other than your own?
DJ: If you only stay in your industry and meet people who do the same thing as you, you never get new ideas. The best entrepreneurs can take broad ideas (whether it is in tech or elsewhere) and apply it to their own business. It's fun to meet people in other industries too.

L: Danni, we are wearing the same nail polish today! Ha! What are your favorite nail polish colors?
J: For everyday, I love one coat of Ballet Slippers and one coat of Mademoiselle. For red, I love Lollipop. 
D: In love with Lapis of Luxury today! But my favorite go-to polishes are Potato Fields and Mademoiselle. All Essie of course! 

L: I love to laugh. What makes you laugh like crazy? 
J: Danni and Leandra Medine
D: Kristen Wiig. Anything by Kristen Wiig. Have you seen The Surprise Party skit on SNL?
L: No, I am going to watch it right after this. (fyi: WATCH IT NOW.)
D: It is the funniest thing ever. Oh yeah and Eddie Berrang makes me laugh.

L: What's something that no one knows about you?
D: That I used to be a pole vaulter. 
J: That I am a huge sports fan. Football is my favorite.

L: Who do you admire most and why?
D: My parents. They have been married for 30 years and are madly in love still. They are so selfless. They are the best parents ever, and I am inspired by everything that they do.
J: My parents and Natalie Morales. I love that she balances her career, her marriage and her 2 kids. She is amazing and intelligent. Oh and Ralph Lauren. And Steve Jobs. 
D: And of course Kristen Wiig.

L: What song makes you want to whip your hair back and forth?
D: Right now, I am loving Young Blood Chiddy Bang Remix. And of course Michael Jackson.
J: In for the Kill, by La Roux. And Kiss by Prince. That's a classic.

L: What is a classic DANNIJO piece that every girl should have in their jewelry drawer? 
DJ: Jacinda ring for sure. And the Kalbarri bib necklace.

L: And what from your current collection is a must have?
DJ: The Knox necklace. And the Kale necklace.

Thanks ladies! Now off to our shoot. Note: remember that 98 degree weather that we had in NYC? Well, we photographed these that day!

Danielle is wearing: Tan shoes by miu miu, cut-off white shorts and black tank, Neha bag, Persol shades, JJ hat
Jodie is wearing: Denim shoes by Prada, Anthropologie shirt and Gryphon skirt.
Jodie's jewels: Zuma cuff, Sloane cuff, Hermosa cuff, Tevi bangle, Jacinda ring (all DANNIJO)

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Shy says:

Nice pictures!

(06.17.11 @ 07:31 PM)
Shy says:

Nice pictures!

(06.17.11 @ 07:32 PM)

GREAT interview shots! - Erik

(06.17.11 @ 09:15 PM)
whitney schey says:

wow. the colors and life in this shoot are so surreal. i am in love! fab work.

(06.21.11 @ 11:26 PM)
whitney schey says:

wow. the colors and life in this shoot are so surreal. i am in love! fab work.

(06.21.11 @ 11:27 PM)
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