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To all of the mothers that I photograph! Thank you for allowing me to capture you and your beautiful relationships with your children. I adore all of you. xoxo
While I was in Sweden, I photographed Willow and Lealand with their parents. Such fun! They live in Paris but were in town for Anton and Lotta's Wedding. I photographed Willow a few years ago when she was just a baby and now it is exciting to see her with a little brother.

When I photograph kids, I never know what's coming. I am always amazed by their sweetness and by their honesty. Willow is incredible. She speaks two languages fluently already and is ball of energy. She was dancing, hugging, jumping, throwing her teddy, laughing, making snowballs, doing her hair, twirling, flying, and playing with Lealand. I love this family so much and am so happy I could spend some time having fun! 

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Em says:

These are GREAT!! What cute little snow outfits they have!

(03.17.11 @ 11:22 AM)
Timmi says:

What a perfect family! Great images!!

(03.17.11 @ 01:28 PM)
beebe says:

Stop iT! they are SUCH an adorable family. I love how full of life they are and the last one is my fave! loving loving family :)

(03.17.11 @ 01:47 PM)
Jenelle Sewell says:

Beautiful family! Sweden looks so fun!

(03.17.11 @ 04:53 PM)
Shy says:

So precious!

(03.17.11 @ 09:48 PM)
Tala says:

Lindsey, they're absolutely gorgeous! We had a blast doing the shoot with you! Thanks so much!!

(03.18.11 @ 04:30 AM)
Shy says:

So precious!

(03.18.11 @ 07:24 AM)
Gina says:

Omg, how adorable are they?

(03.18.11 @ 11:54 AM)
Maren Parsons says:

These are darling! Such a gorgeous family

(03.18.11 @ 02:13 PM)
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