August 29, 2013
There's nothing in the world that is more fun for me than photographing an awesome family that isn't afraid to play and laugh. Terry, Mary Ann, and their little guy Jote are so incredible. We chased after Jote as he ran and scooted through the gardens. He is so fast! One of my favorite moments was in the water fountain. Jote's face is just radiating joy. What a beautiful morning. Enjoy! xoxo 

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Maud says:

This family is very cute !!! You have captured a really nice "energy".

(09.09.13 @ 04:39 PM)
Samantha Shay says:

What a beautiful family! I'm just catching up on your blog, I love how you really capture the spirit of these little ones. Just lovely!

(09.23.13 @ 02:29 PM)