Sheree is such an amazing woman! She is the founder and owner of TANE Organics, one of my favorite and most beautiful children's clothing companies. I wanted to feature Sheree on my blog because she is such an incredible woman that has created such a phenomenal brand, and I hope that you are all inspired!

Sheree and I met in Madison Square Park on a beautiful spring day to take some photographs. I brought my sweet Stella with me to meet Sheree. Stella fell head over heels, and you can see in the photographs below that they played and smelled flowers in the park together. 

Stella is wearing TANE's Cardigan with pointelle and Tane's Pointelle Bubble dress. This outfit is perfect for the spring and summer! And you can see that the gorgeous pockets on the dress can hold summer treasures (and vegetables!). Check out her children's clothes. They are all too beautiful for words. 

Enjoy! xoxo

LINDSEYBELLE: Sheree, how did you come up with the concept for TANE Organics? Give us some background as to how and why you started your beautiful kids clothing line? 

Sheree Lee: I fell in love with the material of organic cotton. I love its pure softness, and luxurious quality. Trained as a knitwear designer, I recognized organic cotton's fluidity to transform into various weights and stitches. And the health benefits of using non toxic fibers was just a natural connection to children's wear. Environmentally, the growth of organic cotton promotes a cleaner, healthier earth. Also, at the time, there wasn't a well-curated, merchandised children's collection in the market place that demonstrated organic cotton's elegance. The building of partnerships with artisans receiving Fair Trade wages was also an important part of the foundation of TANE. It was just as meaningful to me to cultivate and support artisans in a non-conventional factory facility and to recognize the possibility of elevating an impoverished community by providing work. This humble creative exchange of collaboration promotes the success of intentional design.

L: What is your greatest accomplishment?
SL: Using my skills in design and my interest in anthropology, TANE is impacting the lives of artisans in rural communities. The work elevates self esteem in women--often with very little education and the sole providers for their families--as well as changing the infrastructure of a small community. TANE believes that education is key to creating a change and provides alternatives to help change our collective future.  A portion of our product sales are dedicated and allocated to foundations that focus on children's education. Creating great designs can make an impact in this world.

L: What was your greatest mistake? And what did you learn?
SL: Trusting that everyone has the same integrity and shares the same values. I learned that our focuses and needs vary. And the key is to always find people that share a similar vision.

L: Do you think mentorship is important when you are starting a business? If you could be mentored by anyone, who would it be?
SL: Absolutely!  The greatest reward in business is being able to collaborate and to share ideas. Wow, there are so many great designers I admire.  But I would say, Michelangelo. Not only was he a visionary, an inventor, an artist, and an incredible thinker, he was also a problem solver. Steve Jobs would be a close second.

L: Where do you get your inspiration?
SL: I am inspired by all things and everything.  Sometimes when I least expect it, and often times it's completely abstract.

L: Where is your favorite place to travel?
SL: I love so many places, but if I need to select one, it would be Paris.  The richness in history, arts, and architecture is limitless in a city that continues to promote creativities and newness in design.

L: What is your favorite flower?
SL: Jasmine. It's simplicity is delicate but complex, and it reminds me of my childhood.

L: What is your favorite children's book?
SL: The Adventures of Tintin. It was first read to me in Mandarin, and I fell in love with the explorations and the bond between Tintin and his loyal dog, Snowy.

L: What is an absolute must-have Tane piece from your latest collection?
SL: The Appleseed Sweater and Pants. It has slowly become a signature piece, reflective of our NYC base, TANE, which means seed in Japanese, as well as our motto " In the garden of life, big thing grow from small beginnings. "

L: Do you have any advice for young designers/people starting their own businesses?
SL: Follow your instincts and trust in your creativity.

Thank you so much Sheree! xoxo

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