The world of instagramming and blogging is blowing my mind. It is so cool. Ask my husband... he can't rip me away from Instagram (@lindseybelle) these days! ;) 

I started following Courtney and Esther of the incredible mom website Babyccino Kids (and Babyccino Kids blog) on Instagram (@courtneybabyccino and @estherbabyccino) and just fell in love with their images and their blog. They really showcase the neatest baby brands and coolest projects and products on their sites. They are so creative and so down to earth.

I was super excited to photograph them when they were in the city. Courtney lives in London and Esther lives in Amsterdam. Talk about cool cities. Bummer that Emilie the third mama from Babyccino Kids (who lives in Paris) wasn't there too! 

We jumped and danced and laughed with Marlow and Casper, their little ones. It was such a pleasure ladies. 

LINDSEYBELLE: How did Babyccino come to be?
COURTNEY & ESTHER: We met about 8 years ago in London when we all had our first babies. We would talk about what we had for dinner, what baby products we liked... We really had a lot of lifestyle parenting questions. And then Emilie moved to Paris, Esther moved to Amsterdam and Courtney was the only one left in London. So, we started our blog as a diary between friends. 

L: Where do you find your inspiration?
C&E: We find a lot of our inspiration in everything that is around us: children, food, shopping, and our amazing cities. Plus we get a lot of emails from people around the world!

L: What is the best part about your job?
C&E: The best part about our job is the flexibility. We can do it from anywhere. But the most important thing is that our job is about our family. I love that we are able to work, but have the ability to be home with the kids. It's all about balance.

L: If you could give people advice who want to start a blog, what would you tell them?
C&E: I would definitely say two things: 1. Don't be afraid to ask people. 2) Blogging is not a competitive atmosphere so don't position yourself as such. Be friendly. And be part of the community.

L: What is your favorite travel spot?
C: Positano. We go there every summer and really feel like it is such a special place, not only because of the beauty, the food, the beaches, but because we have lots of friends there now.
E: I love traveling everywhere so no one place is my favorite. However, we have a country home in France that we go to every year that is one of my favorite spots!

L: What is your favorite flower?
E: Tulips.
C: Peonies.

L: What is your guilty pleasure?
C&E: Wine and dark chocolate.

L: Favorite kids book?
E: Most of mine are in Dutch, but I love Beatrix Potter.
C: Thidwick the Big Hearted moose by Dr. Seuss.

L: What is the most important thing that you want to teach your children?
C: I want my children to love each other now and forever! They are so lucky to have one another. Both my husband and I come from big families and I want them to really bond with each other in a non competitive environment. My greatest success will be if they are happy.
E: I really want my children to be honest and pure. Then they will be happy and well loved. 

Thank you both for such a fun afternoon! I look forward to meeting you Emilie too!!!

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Courtney Adamo says:

Thank you so much for taking our photos when we were in NYC. It was such a pleasure to meet you and so fun to spend the time with you on the streets of Soho! xoxo

(03.27.13 @ 01:58 PM)
Vera says:

These pictures are awesome!!! I Looove the babyccino girls.

(03.28.13 @ 03:45 PM) says:

These photos are so beautiful! I love these 2 girls! so kind and so beautiful!

(04.16.13 @ 01:45 PM)