Sometimes I just want to pinch myself. I am doing what I love and meeting and spending time with the most amazing people. I photographed Michele and Ron's wedding a few years ago in the Carribean. Their wedding was so insanely beautiful and these two are so special to me. When I photographed Michele right before little Avery's arrival, I felt so honored to be there capturing their love right before baby. 

You can only imagine how excited I was to meet little Avery. Wow. She is gorgeous. We had fun playing dress-up. Tutus. Pink. Purple. Flowers. What a sweetie pie. I can't get over how beautiful and sweet she is. When I held her and hugged her, she brought me back 10 months to when I first held my little girl. I felt tears. Oh the magic of babies. Seriously, will someone pinch me? xoxo

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Michele says:

Thanks for being part of our special moments!

(02.13.13 @ 09:10 PM)
Nina Solomon says:

The pictures you took of Avery are beautiful!!!!

(02.15.13 @ 12:11 AM)
Jen says:

Gorgeous photos! Where is that beautiful blanket from?!

(04.18.13 @ 11:11 PM)