December 5, 2012
How do they go from teensy weensy to wow-my-arm-is-sore in only a few months? Since the birth of my little one in April, I look at these wee babes with new eyes. I think back to the first few weeks of my time with Stella, and I feel tears starting... Tears of joy. The sheer happiness that mamas experience is like nothing else. I can't describe it. I can only feel it and remember it. This is exactly why capturing children at each phase of their lives is so important. We forget. And pictures help us remember. 

Jude is such a sweet little guy. I had so much fun photographing him. His little nose. His hair. That sweet mouth. That baby smell. Enjoy him forever, Stephanie and Mark. xoxo

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Rita Ronzo says:

He is just too sweet and I especially love the one of him gazing at you. I cannot wait to meet him in person.

(12.13.12 @ 12:49 PM)
Sue vanEtten says:

A son! A son! How beautiful he is! Congratulations, Stephanie and Mark.

(12.13.12 @ 02:40 PM)