I don't think I have laughed as hard as I did on this session in a long time!!! It was ridiculously hot outside. John, Abby, William and I literally bounced and hopped (like frogs!) around Tribeca in typical NY fashion. 

We ran races. Heck, we even hopped races (again, like frogs!). There were lots of popsicles (in colors that only children appreciate). There was pigeon chasing. There was graffiti. There was dancing like Katy Perry (Abby loves her!).

I love shooting in NYC!!

John, Abby and William - thank you for such an awesome time!

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Efrat says:

LOVE these! Especially the one with Abby picking at the bush behind the fence!

(08.13.12 @ 02:00 PM)
marysia says:

so sweet

(08.21.12 @ 01:58 PM)