In honour of Timmi's little guy Miles being born and my 35th week of pregnancy (only 5 more weeks until the due date!!), I decided to share some incredible memories that my husband Michael captured for us. 

It's pretty rare that two sisters are pregnant at the same time. And so close together. These photographs were taken in LA at the very end of December on the last day that Timmi and I saw each other before the babies were born. 

I cherish these moments and these photographs more than anything. Thank you Michael for shooting these, and thank you Timmi for being my best friend and the best sister that anyone could ever ask for. I love you.

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Shy says:

I love these photos- and the pink and blue balloons!

(03.01.12 @ 08:44 PM)
Emily says:

These are awesome and you two are soooo gorgeous. I can't believe Miles is already here and Baby Girl is due soon!

(03.05.12 @ 06:33 PM)