It's crazy. 38 weeks now. Baby girl is coming soon.

I am feeling amazing. I am still soul-cycling and active. I smile every time I think about the little one's arrival. I can't even imagine what it is going to be like to see her for the first time. We can't even wait!

P.S. I am in love with this dress that Bobbie made (yes, MADE himself) for me!!!!

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Andrew says:

besides the great pictures, that dress is fantastic.

(03.21.12 @ 11:34 AM)
Sam says:

Lindsey: You look stunning and the dress is gorgeous!

(03.21.12 @ 11:39 AM)
maren says:

you are gorgeous. i love these pictures. you're in for such a treat with a new baby on the way... i'm already itching for another! xoxoxo

(03.21.12 @ 01:29 PM)
Shy says:


You look amazing!!!! I absolutely love these pictures.

(03.21.12 @ 07:55 PM)
Lauren says:

You are beautiful!!!!

(03.25.12 @ 10:11 PM)
Angela Hubbard says:

Lindsay you look FABULOUS! congrats! x

(04.02.12 @ 01:16 AM)
Kayla says:

You are one hot mama! LOVE the photos!

(04.09.12 @ 03:43 PM)