Virginie is pregnant with baby number 2! Isn't she beautiful? It seems like only yesterday when Eva was born in Paris. Now Eva is 2 and is very excited for baby (isn't it adorable how she likes to rub Virginie's tummy?).

Baby is due anytime now! I can't wait for his/her arrival!!! YIPPPPEEEEE!!!

Enjoy. Big hugs and kisses. xo

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Elsa G. says:

Vous ĂȘtes trop beaux!!! Et J'ADORE les photos de Eva avec le ventre de Virginie c'est trop mignon!!!!

(01.11.12 @ 11:17 AM)
Shy says:

Beautiful! Congratulations!

(01.11.12 @ 08:13 PM)
John says:

Beautiful photos and family!

(01.14.12 @ 05:36 PM)