When I was in North Carolina I photographed Neta and Amit with their parents Sumi and Dan. We had so much fun in Duke Gardens! Can you tell? ;) 

Neta's laugh in this first image just makes me smile from ear to ear. I love out of control laughter. It's just the best.

What a beautiful family. Enjoy!! xo

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John Lynch says:

Wow! What beautiful pictures of a beautiful family enjoying each other.

(01.26.12 @ 01:16 PM)
Shy says:

What a happy family! Great photos.

(01.26.12 @ 08:13 PM)
Sabrina says:

You're really a GREAT photographer! Your works are amazing...I've just created a blog, i follow so many photography spaces and it's time to start my experience! I would be glad to have your visit, just to wish me good luck ;) See you there!

(01.28.12 @ 01:05 PM)
shirl says:

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Shirl Hinkle

(04.24.12 @ 08:36 PM)