Meet Megan Evans, the gorgeous lady (aka Kate Hudson lookalike) behind The Well Coiffed Closet. Megan is THE closet guru. And the everyday person's stylist. I adore Megan and hope that everyone that needs help with their closets and personal styling will reach out to Megan. She has helped me so much with my closet. It's crazy! 

LINDSEYBELLE: Why did you decide to start The Well Coiffed Closet
Megan Evans: It is so important to do something that you are passionate about. I am a Virgo and super organized. I have an eye for color, and I am good with style and putting pieces together. I started out by helping friends and family with their closets and everyone kept saying: "you need to do this full time." So many people acquire so much stuff in their closets. And this is really a niche that I can fill because I love it so much and there aren't very many people in the market helping people get organized. I tailor my services to people's needs and keep myself affordable. I want everyone to be able to have a stylist help them organize their wardrobes. I did it for fun and then turned it into my business. I feel blessed everyday. 

LB: What are some of the things that you help people do?
ME: I help people organize their work/personal clothes. I style people for events or parties. I organize their closets so they feel like they are shopping in their own closets. No more mess. No more crammed closets with clothes people haven't worn for years. The vision for my company is to find new ways to help people wear what they already own. And as we go through the closet, I love to give them a list of essentials for the season or things that I think they are missing in their closets. One of my favorite things that I do as we go through the closet is to put together outfits for people. I create a look book for people so if they can't figure out to wear, they can quickly go through a book of their own clothes! 

LB: That's so cool. The lookbooks are amazing! What a unique thing to offer. Tell us a little more about your process. I truly admire your skills. I am hopeless when it comes to my closet (except I am getting better with your help!).
ME: Step 1: We edit-out your closet. We go through all of your clothes and put them into piles  (alteration, good will, keep, dry-cleaning, etc). 
Step 2: I have you try on clothes in the 'keep' pile.
Step 3: I switch out all of your hangers to slimline hangers.
Step 4: I keep notes as we go of all of the pieces that go together and things you might need
Step 5: I organize the closet by season/color/type of piece
Step 6: I create the look book.
Step 7: Personal shopping for items that you may be missing or that you want!

LB: What advice can you give to people starting out in business?
ME: Don't overextend yourself. I was working two jobs when I first started this business. It is important to keep the balance because when you start your own business you work a lot! 

LB: What makes you different?
ME: My look books definitely distinguish me from other closet people. And my approach to closets is very real. I tailor everything to my clients needs and work with all different types of people with different needs and different budgets.

LB: What's your guilty pleasure?
ME: Cupcakes. I live near a cupcake place... So it's hard. ;)

LB: Favorite coffee table book?
ME: Blahnik by Boman

LB: Where do you get your styling inspiration?
ME: Magazines (Real Simple is an awesome one for closet organization tips and ideas). Vogue. O Magazine.

LB: Favorite designers?
ME: Comptoir des Cotonniers. Helmut Lang. Theory. AG Jeans. Arza Design.

LB: Fall/winter trends?
ME: Trousers. Pattern mixing. Leather. Bold colors. Wedge boots.

LB: Awesome! Thanks my dear. 

Go on. Shop your closet!

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Megan Evans says:

LOVE it Linds. Thanks so much for the post. I had amazing time working with you.

(11.30.11 @ 01:14 PM)