November 10, 2011
What a couple!!! James and Fe were naturals in front of the camera. They have so much energy and so much passion. You can feel it in every photograph. That's my aim when I shoot couples: to capture them as they really are. Not perfect. Just real. Real love. Real laughter. Real joy. Real connections.

I had so much fun shooting you two in the gorgeous light that day! Enjoy! xo

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Emilia Jane says:

I love how experiential all of your photos feel!

(11.10.11 @ 10:34 AM)
Kerry Crawford says:

LOVE the energy you captured with this couple Lindsey! They look pretty perfect to me :) !

(11.10.11 @ 11:03 AM)
Shy says:

Love the smiles and positive energy!

(11.11.11 @ 09:56 AM)
jenny hofler says:

These pictures are GORGEOUS. i don't know how they will ever decide which ones to pick. I would blow all of them up and put them all over my house and just stare. seriously. these photos are AWESOME.

(11.28.11 @ 09:15 AM)