There can be nothing like a mother/daughter bond. I was so excited to photograph Caty and her mom Susy together in New York. They are super close to each other and even look very much the same (look at those green eyes!).

I love photographing people to capture special moments or relationships. Often people just hire photographers for weddings or events, but I think that capturing the bond between family and friends is just as important. Enjoy!

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Susy says:

Loved, loved them. Thanks for these superb takes.


(11.14.11 @ 10:24 AM)
anna says:

OMG, Lindsey you captured their spirit perfectly. Well done:)

(11.14.11 @ 01:29 PM)
catalina says:

thank you, my friend.
i love them.

(11.14.11 @ 01:45 PM)
Shy says:

These are great!

(11.14.11 @ 07:11 PM)
Shy says:

These are great!

(11.16.11 @ 04:30 PM)