Oh boy, what a couple! I first photographed Serena alone as a surprise for Tommy. And then I photographed their engagement. Over the past year, I have become really close with these two. They are pure magic. Love. Energy. Grace. Generosity. And did I mention that they are obsessed with shoes? So that makes us a match made in shoe heaven. 

Serena and Tommy got married at a beautiful church in Avon, Connecticut and celebrated at Tommy's parents home. It was absolutely stunning. There was so much love, happiness, and excitement. And the shoes were killer! ;) Thank you both for sharing such a special day with me!

P.S. Tommy works in the shoe industry, so take a close look at the shoes. They have their names on all of the custom designed shoes for the wedding! 

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Marysia Reeves says:

love the shoe shot! those two look like rock stars! great job!

(10.12.11 @ 11:58 AM)