Olivia and Cooper are the cutest twins! I started photographing them when they were 3. Last year when we did their 4 year old shoot, I was shocked to see them all grown up. And this year, they are 5! I can't believe it. They still like sticks and jumping and sand. And swinging. And laughing. And slides. There is nothing like being a kid. 

Do you remember swinging on a tire swing until you got sick? Eating popsicles in the morning because that was a good treat? Getting messy and dirty and loving every second of it? Jumping into your parents arms with no fear? Saying what you want, when you want? Oh I love photographing children. They are so amazing! Enjoy!!

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Shy says:

I love the shot of the whole family on the slide.

(10.25.11 @ 08:09 PM)