Can I just start by saying GO LOOK AT MARYSIA'S SWIMWEAR! Her line is ridiculously beautiful. And so unique. I have never seen anything like it.

Marysia and I had so much fun on this shoot. It was quite ridiculous, actually. Lots of jumping. Whipping her hair back and forth. And laughing. I love this girl. She is super fun. And did I mention her swimsuits? Oh yeah, I did. They are the best!! ;)

LINDSEYBELLE: How did you know you wanted to start a swimwear company? 
Marysia Reeves: I had a professor in fashion school that told us to really narrow down our interests and focus on what we wanted to do. Since I had been in ballet for so long and I was a lifeguard, I felt like I spent my entire life in a leotard or a bathing suit. I also majored in exercise physiology before fashion school, so I know a lot about the body and movement and thought that swimwear was the perfect place to start. And even more importantly, there was a void in the swimwear industry. Most swimsuits are sporty, and I wanted to create something that involved a lot more fashion design.

LB: I am in love with your suits. If people reading this blog were to invest in just one suit, which one would you recommend?
MR: The Antibes from my new collection. It comes in black and white and is a classic. You can't go wrong.
LB: I think I want one of each from your new collection! I can't decide.

LB: How do you recommend that I keep my suits clean and make them last longer?
MR: The Laundress swimwear cleaner. It's amazing!

LB: If you were to give a piece of advice to someone starting out in business, what would you recommend?
MR: Definitely go work for someone else first. You will learn a lot. And make sure you work for someone that you look up to in your industry. I didn't work for someone else first and I had to make mistakes and learn the hard way sometimes. 

LB: What was the biggest mistake you made that you really learned from?
MR: The first year in business, I ordered product without having any client orders. I was naive and went with the only thing I knew. I learned that I can negotiate and find different sources for fabric and production. There are a lot of companies out there that are willing to work with you and be flexible.

LB: What book would recommend people read who are starting their own fashion business?
MR: The Fashion Designer Survival Guide by Mary Gehlhar. It's a great book for those starting out.

LB: What has been your biggest accomplishment?
MR: I guess I would have to say that having one of my suits on the cover of Shape Magazine was pretty cool.

LB: Favorite daily blog reads?

LB: Where do you get your inspiration for your suits?
MR: Everywhere. Seriously, I get a lot of ideas from resorts and summery vacation spots, but often I get my inspiration from random places.

LB: Favorite nailpolish?
MR: Bubble Bath by OPI. I just got the Chanel Black Pearl polish. It is awesome!

LB: Who do you admire most?
MR: Wen Zhou, the CFO of Phillip Lim. I love that she is such a savvy business woman. She told me a great piece of advice that I will never forget. Stick to your ideas. You are doing this fashion business for your life, not to make a few quick bucks. So be patient and stick to what you want to do to create a long term business.

LB: What can't you live without?
MR: My family. 

LB: Speaking of your family, how do you manage making time for your daughter, Elle, and balancing home and work life since both you and your husband, Nathaniel, work together?
MR: It's crazy. But we make it work. We spend a lot of time together, but Nathaniel and I make time for date nights, and we do a lot of family vacations to the beach together.

LB: Favorite NYC restaurant?
MR: Omai. Amazing Vietnamese food. 

LB: Favorite dessert?
MR: Pistachio Macaroons from La Duree. I am so excited that they have a store in NYC now!

P.S. Marysia is wearing the Biarittz Scallop dress from her collection in our shoot!
P.P.S. Check out Marysia's new collection

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Marysia Reeves says:

Thank you so much Lindsey! You are a sensation! A talented sensation and so easy and fun to model for:) It was a breeze! XOXOXOXOXO

(10.12.11 @ 06:33 PM)
Chassity says:

Fabulous interview! Great girl, great questions, great pics. xoxo

(10.12.11 @ 08:34 PM)
Shy says:

Love the sneakers!

(10.12.11 @ 09:15 PM)
Brenda Kinder says:

Wonderful pictures of Marysia Lindsey - love the dress.

(10.20.11 @ 01:47 PM)
Gaby says:

Loved reading about you Marysia! Beautiful pics!

(10.23.11 @ 09:30 PM)