Annabelle is the sweetest little doll. She has the most beautiful big eyes and has such a darling personality. Jess and Joe are amazing parents; they are so cool and calm and relaxed. We had so much fun playing dress up, reading Dr. Seuss, blowing bubbles, singing songs, and playing with toys. What a gorgeous family!

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Adie says:


(10.11.11 @ 04:13 PM)
Efrat says:


(10.11.11 @ 06:36 PM)
Grandpa says:

Her modeling career is off to an early start!

(10.11.11 @ 08:27 PM)
Anonymous says:

beautiful family. Enjoyed seeing the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

(10.12.11 @ 12:31 AM)
Heidi says:

Such beautiful, expressive eyes...adorable!

(10.12.11 @ 07:33 AM)
Terry Falencki says:

What beautiful pictures!!!! A precious beautiful baby girl!

(10.12.11 @ 11:21 AM)
Kevin Byrnes says:

Adorable family--much health and happiness to all of you!

(10.12.11 @ 04:12 PM)
Brigid Gebhart says:

She is fabulous and so adorable! I especially love the picture where she is eating her very stylish sunglasses!

(10.13.11 @ 04:28 PM)
T. Burd says:

Beautiful portraits! Especially love the one with the Dr. Seuss book!

(10.13.11 @ 05:32 PM)
Jen Gonch says:

She is just so cute!! She is modeling already!! Love the pictures!!

(10.15.11 @ 01:04 PM)