Peter, Katie, Nic, Zander, Caroline, James and Joanne are an amazing family. I spent the weekend up at Fishers Island photographing them. I used my underwater housing for my big camera to shoot in the ocean and the pool. They tubed. They jumped. They dove. It was so much fun!! My favorite thing about these guys is that they are so warm and fun and I feel like I have known them forever. Enjoy! xo

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Shy says:

Love the underwater and jumping shots!

(09.12.11 @ 07:47 PM)
jaine {brklynview} says:

love the water shots! how fun and different!!

(09.15.11 @ 09:21 AM)
Georgine says:

So fun, and fresh!! And french fries too ;)

(09.16.11 @ 11:52 AM)
Joyce says:

This is a great blog with some great photos! I especially love the photos from the wedding in Santa Barbara! One of my all time favorite cities to visit in California; it truly never gets old traveling there. I was just there and had a great time sailing and dining at fabulous restaurants. We stayed at the Sandman Inn ( So inexpensive yet very quaint and charming as well.

(10.12.11 @ 02:22 PM)