Benjamin and Bonnie are my amazing friends. I have followed their relationship full circle with photographs. It's been incredible to capture their love and their evolution. I can't even believe that inside this tummy was this gorgeous boy: Mikael. Isn't he sweet? I can't wait to watch him grow. Huge hugs! Enjoy.

P.S. Doesn't Mikael look like he is smiling (with those adorable dimples!) in the 5th photograph down? Adorable.

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Andre says:

May you photograph many more happy occasions for them!

(08.08.11 @ 12:47 PM)
Shy says:

He is so precious! Congratulations!

(08.08.11 @ 08:13 PM)
Lynne Dworetzky says:

Mazeltov! Your photo's are stunning!!!

(08.10.11 @ 09:06 AM)