WOOHOOO!! I have been dying to get a dog for such a long time. And we found the perfect little guy. I went and picked him up yesterday. He has an adorable personality. Super sweet. Gentle. Playful. I didn't know I could fall in love so quickly.

He has never been in a city before. The honks. The buses. The cabs. The people. It's a lot for a little guy. He's getting used to everything really quickly. 

I will be blogging about him a lot! I promise to take him out and do some sunflare shots with him. ;) But for now, here he is on his second day home.

P.S. Superman! That last picture is him jumping off the couch over the right side of me as I was snapping away. I love it! He knows already that I like action shots. ha!
P.P.S. We are still trying to figure out his name, so stay tuned!

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Shy says:

So cute! How about Coin? He has a cousin named Cash.

(07.14.11 @ 09:29 PM)
efrat says:

TOO CUTE!!! When will he come visit his friend Cosmo??

(07.15.11 @ 01:26 PM)
Georgine says:

YAYYYY!!! what a baby cutie, you are so lucky! Lots of love you and your puppykins :) XOXO

(07.15.11 @ 01:29 PM)
jaine {brklynview} says:

he's super cute! congrats on your new family member ;)

(07.17.11 @ 10:48 AM)
Kerry Crawford says:

OH CONGRATULATIONS MOMMI! He is so darn adorable! LOVE that last shot hahaha! Enjoy :)

(07.18.11 @ 11:56 AM)
maren Parsons says:

ha this is the cutest thing i've seen all day. what a darling lil puppy. i can't wait for the sunflare shots.

(07.18.11 @ 08:06 PM)