For those of you that don't know, I LOVE nailpolish. I love different colors. Patterns. Sparkles. I also think it looks really cool in photo shoots when people paint their nails. For instance, I adore the color of Danielle's (of DANNIJO) nails in our shoot here.

One of my best friends Virginie is THE best at keeping up with nail color trends and styles. She is from Paris and everything she wears is just perfectly French and perfectly perfect. I call her my favorite fashion expert. I asked her if she could help out on the blog and give us some tips for nail colors that she loves for shoots.

LINDSEYBELLE: What color are you wearing today? And why is it your favorite right now?
Virginie: Mesmerize by Essie. It is such a beautiful color. It's the best blue I have seen. It's bright and bold. And it goes with any outfit. 

LB: Why would this color look great in an engagement shoot session? What would you suggest people wear with it?
V: It adds a touch of color to the photographs, which I think is always fun! And it makes the engagement ring look awesome! Mesmerize really goes with any outfit. You could wear it with other crazy colors or neutrals. Anything goes. 

Don't you think she looks amazing? Summery and relaxed. I think (between you and me) that she may be taking some awesome tips from the Man Repeller with all of those incredible prints mixed together (bag, lace on dress, quilted shoes, striped sweater). Oh I love this outfit and those nails! Tell me, do you all love blue nail polish as much as we do? What other colors do you like to wear?

P.S. Let me know via email, text, blog comments, snail mail (haha!), etc... if you would like me to ask Virginie to keep giving us nail color tips that are trendy and would look good on shoots.

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Shy says:

She looks great!

(07.14.11 @ 09:37 PM)