I started this Pass It On Interview Series a few weeks with DANNIJO. I want to pass along information and fun things about interesting people that are creative and doing incredible in their fashion industries. Everyone should know about these incredible people that I love!

Jane Pope is awesome. She runs a successful jewelry business with two outrageous lines: Jane Pope Jewelry (fine jewelry) and Balboa Jewelry (jewelry with vintage elements). She has dressed celebrities like Sienna Miller, Natalie Portman, and Perry Reeves. Lauren Lail of Library Fashion, Way Way Allen of Blue Chickadee, and Jane have just opened up Novel in Charleston, South Carolina, a fashion collaboration showroom. Jane is doing some pretty amazing things, so make sure to keep watching her!

I have been obsessed with Jane's jewels since I met her. You will NEVER find me without four of her Twig/Seed/Branch bangles on my wrists. I adore them.

LINDSEYBELLE: If you met yourself at a party, what would you think about yourself?
Jane Pope: I might think I am shy, but I am really the opposite... I am approachable and have a good sense of humor. If I met myself, I would notice my laugh!

LB: What advice would you give to someone who is starting their own business?
JP: Stay focused on what you are good at. Love what you are doing. 

LB: What was your greatest risk in business?
JP: Quitting my other job in retail to go full time. It's hard to make that leap and sustain your lifestyle at first when you aren't being financially supported. But if you work like crazy, put yourself out there, and approach magazines, stores, and shows, it will all work out.

LB: Who do you admire most?
JP: I admire people who can balance work, family, and success without sacrificing anything that they believe. Now that I have a child, this balance has become so important.

LB: What scares you?
JP: Heights. Oh, and interviews and being photographed. [laughs]

LB: What was your biggest fashion mistake?
JP: Oh, that is an easy one! I wore a long mandarin collared tunic with tights. And rubber red loafers. I looked like a waitress at a sushi restaurant. And I wore this outfit to a football game! [laughs]

LB: How would you describe your style?
JP: Relaxed. I love to mix old and new (nothing too trendy). I love vintage clothes. I have a ton. Classic but cool.

LB: Where do you get your inspiration?
JP: I get a lot of my inspiration from travel. And nature. I love patterns in textiles, and I incorporate them in to my designs. 

LB: What is your favorite blog to read?
JP: I read a lot of them, but my current favorite is Look Linger Love.

LB: Favorite nail polish?
JP: San Tan Tonio by OPI. I love neutrals. And Barefoot in Barcelona.

LB: Who makes you laugh the most in life?
JP: Carter Hancock. My best friend. We can go on and on and on laughing about nothing for hours. It's awesome.

LB: Favorite music?
JP: Right now I love listening to Etta James on Pandora.

LB: If you could get away right now, where would you go and with who?
JP: I would go to the Raleigh Hotel in Miami and sip prosecco by the pool with my husband.

LB: What's been the most memorable thing in your career?
JP: Definitely my feature in Vogue. That was a dream come true.

LB: If you could dress one celebrity, who would it be?
JP: It's always flattering to bejewel celebrities, but I would most love to see Taylor Tomasi Hill in my designs. Her style is amazing... And I love her hair!

LB: What's a classic Jane Pope Jewelry item that every gal needs in her jewelry chest? And something from your latest line?
JP: My Twig bangles are classic. And lots of them. They are stackable, and you can keep adding to them. And from my current collection, the Xenia earrings.

Jane is wearing: Seedling delicate bracelet, Seed bangle, Twig bangle (with diamonds), and Stick and stone rings. Her earrings are not listed on her website, but you can always contact her to buy some!

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Chassity says:

Where to begin... Great interview (and questions!), gorgeous subject, beautiful jewelry- I'm now completely obsessing over the twig bangles. Lindsey, thank you for the email "alert"! Your photographs are beautiful. And Jane, I'm so incredibly honored to be mentioned in this post. Thank you.

(07.08.11 @ 01:57 PM)
marysia says:

Beautiful girl and jewelry...love the bracelets combo. I'm a lucky girl with 3 twig bangels but I think it's time to add on:)

(07.09.11 @ 06:51 AM)