When you photograph kids, either professionally, or if you are at home with your own kids, one of the most important things is to have your camera ready. Always. Kids surprise you. And if you aren't ready, you may never catch moments like this.

P.S. I had my camera ready. And when I woke up in the morning, as I left my room, I saw the twins hugging. I couldn't believe it. I grabbed my camera and started shooting. They only stayed that way for about a minute and then held hands and walked into the kitchen. Their mommy Aima never even saw them doing this. They just melt my heart.

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Efrat says:

That last photo is AMAZING. Those pants they're sporting are KILLER!

(07.22.11 @ 04:09 PM)
Marysia says:

LOVE THIS..so precious for kids show LOVE so much!


(07.22.11 @ 09:43 PM)
Shy says:

These photos are priceless! You captured such a special moment.

(07.22.11 @ 10:09 PM)
jaine {brklynview} says:

so precious!

(07.25.11 @ 12:30 PM)