July 18, 2011
I was in Shelter Island this weekend shooting a wedding. It was incredible to be out there on the water photographing an adorable couple. More to come on that and the other shoots I have been busy with, but I wanted to share our new puppy's name: Gizmo.

Gizmo came to us named Gizmo. We were toying with the idea of changing it, but the more we think about it, the more perfect it is. It's super hot in NYC today, so I took the little guy out on a quick walk (I must admit, we are doing a lot of walks with this whole potty training thing! haha!). I love his little ears. I love the way he smiles with his eyes.

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Shy says:

What a perfect name! He's so cute!

(07.18.11 @ 08:28 PM)
Lauren says:

Oh my gosh gizmo, you are soooo cute!!!

(07.19.11 @ 02:09 AM)
Lindsay Weisinger says:

MAZEL! Gizmo is ADORABLE!!!!

(07.19.11 @ 10:50 AM)
Nana says:

Your life will never be the same again Linds and Michael - Gizmo will bring you so
much joy - he is adorable.

(07.23.11 @ 01:29 AM)
Nana says:

Of course you have a dog - how could I forget Gizmo? You will have to forgive me - I was so exccited about your wonderful news I forgot about him.

(10.05.11 @ 08:38 PM)