July 21, 2011
I think of dappled light as that splotchy patchy light that you see when the sun shines through trees. It's often tough because if you don't watch where the sun is in relation to the people you are photographing, you may see splotches of light and shadow on people's faces.

This weekend I shot group portraits for my wedding in Shelter Island in a shaded area where there was dappled light. I thought I would write about this kind of light, because when I first started I didn't really know how to correct for it, and I would often have little splotches of light or shadow all over some people's faces. For these family portraits this weekend, I made sure to position the sun BEHIND the people in the wedding so that there was still dappled light on the ground, but not on their faces. If you put the sun in front of them, even though the trees are shading most of the light, there is often a chance that some people will appear patchy. It looks bad and it is hard to expose properly. 

What do you do when you see dappled light? Do you run from it? Or do you use it?

P.S. The sun was shining just behind me but very high in the sky through that gorgeous tree in Sonoma, California a little to picture right. Notice the dappling on the ground. The light is even on my face (even though you can't see very much of my face! ;)) because the light is coming from behind me. 

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brittany says:

this is SO helpful. there are somethings that should be so easy but in the moment they seem so difficult. or they seem really difficult in the moment. thanks for sharing :)

(07.22.11 @ 10:46 AM)
Shy says:

You look good in every light! :)

(07.25.11 @ 11:23 AM)