Yes, it's true. I do love to whip my hair back and forth! And I especially love it when people that I photograph do the same. It's liberating. And oh so fun.

You may have noticed the new blog headers circulating. I always have a lot of questions about WHO takes your pictures on the blog. I am lucky to say that Michael takes a lot of them (so does my sister!). He has a little art direction help, but he is good! Don't you think? And I like being in front of the camera. It's super fun. I like to know what my clients feel like. 

We were in Miami this weekend, and we stayed at the Mondrian South Beach. We loved it. Very cool rooms. Chandeliers everywhere (even in the showers). Lots of white and black furniture and cool patterns. Awesome pool scene. Pictures everywhere of a girl that looked like she is part computer part human. Very cat-like eyes. Mike and I were placing bets as to whether she was completely made up or part real/part fake. What do you think? 

I would love to hear from you! Send me questions/comments/thoughts! 

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Brittany Williams says:

my vote is not real...definitely not. she looks like a feline/extraterrestrial/human hybrid.

(06.08.11 @ 12:25 AM)
Kayla says:

Love the new photos! :-) That hotel looks awesome! I'll have to check it out if I am ever down that way!

(06.08.11 @ 01:30 AM)
Adie says:

Looks like an amazing weekend in Miami! xoxo

(06.08.11 @ 11:56 AM)
Shy says:

I say she's not real, but she's real pretty!!!

(06.09.11 @ 09:14 PM)