How do you get a good picture of the two of you on vacation? Everyone has this problem. The options are: bug people to take it for you, do the old-arm-stretch-one-of-you-isn't-in-the-picture/face distortion set-up, or you can find a cool mirror and roll like we do! 

What do you do? I would love to hear from you! Send me questions/comments/thoughts!

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Shy says:

Cool mirror and a cool couple!

(06.09.11 @ 09:11 PM)
em says:

Nice shirt Mikey!!

(06.11.11 @ 01:51 PM)
Elizabeth says:

We set it on timer a few times & alternate between looking nice & jumping in the air. Then usually someone will walk by and ask if you want someone else to take the photo for you :)

(07.27.11 @ 01:10 PM)