Erick, Hafsa, Venus, Anna, and I had fun on this rooftop shoot. We had perfect sunny weather and beautiful fashion. This shoot showcases what I love most this season: flowy maxi dresses, feathers, bangles (and lots of them), flowers, hot pinks, nude pumps, shimmery makeup, bold makeup, and salty windblown surfer-goes-glam hair. We used Leah C. Millinery's head pieces for each look. I can't get enough of them; they are totally outrageous. If I could wear a hat every day, I would. In fact, my doormen no longer think I am crazy when I come waltzing into the lobby mid-day on my way to the grocery shop with a huge head piece on. Haha! It's awesome. I have a big collection of Leah's creations! 

In the first of many to come, I AM DOING A GIVEAWAY!!! See that super awesome brown/pale pink feather earpiece from TopShop that you see flying in the wind in the first two pictures. Well, it can be yours in a brown with a touch of hot pink version!! I am dying over it! Here's what you need to do to win it:

1. Follow me on twitter here so you can see the picture of the giveaway!
2. Write a comment below and tell me what you would wear the earpiece with to make it extra fab!
3. Like me on facebook here so you can find out if you won!!

I will announce the winner on Wednesday night on facebook! So stay tuned!

Makeup artist and stylist: Erick Ezre
Hair stylist: Hafsa Mahmood
Stylist: Venus
Model: Anna at Major Model

P.S. We were on a rooftop that almost touched the Empire State Building. Can you see it faintly in the background in the very last shot.

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Liz says:

Pump up the Glam for an evening out (I have the perfect new heels to accessorize that with!) Or wear it with jeans and a nice top to funk up your day (and make everyone at work SO JEALOUS!)

(06.06.11 @ 05:18 PM)
Maudie says:

I will wear it at a weeding of a very good friends of childhood : it will my touch of "wild & fun" in the French countryside !
Lovely picts by the way and fancies head pieces !!! I found in love (if i may say) with the blue (turquoise) one.

(06.06.11 @ 05:42 PM)
Virginie says:

WOW, I looooove the feather earrings. They are so cool and so in. I would definitely love to wear them with my new Joe's white skinny jeans, a white tank, and my Panama hat! I hope you agree with me they would look outstanding on WHITE :-) Feather accessories are the Summer hot trends! Those ones are my favorites!

(06.06.11 @ 05:43 PM)
Efrat says:

Fun, fun shoot! Love the flowy dresses! What wouldn't that piece look good with?? :)

(06.06.11 @ 06:39 PM)
Dawn poterack says:

Ok, so this is for my daughter Reagan! The amazing now, 7 yr old you shot in Charlotte. We are in LA now pursuing her acting dreams, and she has been spying these feather type hair pieces, for awhile now! She says she would wear it with everything, because you can always add a bit of something unexpected to an outfit, to give it that extra glam! Accessories are her speciality for this little fashionista!

(06.07.11 @ 04:11 AM)
Georgine says:

Have been thinking about this since last night!! Would do a short mini both ways- for evening a deep pink w nude shoes and wild hair... for day white, jean jacket popped collar, brown wedges.
ps- you do photo shoots like this for a living?!?!?!?!? wowzah!! XOXO

(06.07.11 @ 10:30 AM)
Sam @ Mom At The Barre says:

The featherpiece is so glam! Love that you are doing a giveaway!

(06.07.11 @ 11:26 AM)
Kayla says:

I follow you on Twitter, like you on Facebook and I think you are freakin' awesome! ;-) Wish I was coming to NYC again to see you this summer! Hugs!

(06.07.11 @ 11:35 AM)
Megan Fales says:

That beauty would look rad with a leopard print, bias cut, slip dress I have- there are fuschia roses all over it. A NYC find from 10 years ago when i lived there- that earpiece is just what that dress needs to come back into circulation! I would wear it any day, any way, because it would make me smile!

(06.08.11 @ 01:04 AM)
Shy says:


(06.08.11 @ 08:33 PM)