The question: "Lindsey, how do I avoid the appearance of a shiny face and sweating bullets in summer photographs?! Help!"
The answer: Awesome cosmetics (makeup is an incredible tool)
The information source: Cosmetic industry rockers

I get a lot of questions from clients about the best way to "stay cool" when shooting in the summer. Yes, it's hot and humid, but summertime in NY is an amazing time for photographs with beautiful light. And, when couples get married/engaged or families want summer family portraits, they want to look great outside in the sun (for my signature sunflare shots!).

During many of my shoots, I work with unbelievable makeup artists, but often they don't come along for the entire shoot. So, I set out today to find out from some of the industry's best how to do quick touchups. I mean, I get shiny too (note: I am crazy, and I bounce, jump, bend, and run throughout the entire shoot), and it doesn't hurt to know how to fix a little shine!

I called my friend Erik Kaiser, CEO of GLAMCOR, a hyper innovative cosmetics company that is revolutionizing the makeup industry with their incredible products designed for professionals. He was going to visit Donna Artz, an expert markeup artist with a passionate cult following on YouTube, to introduce her to the super secret product that GLAMCOR is launching this weekend at IMATS in Pasadena. This was another chance to be at the cutting edge, and I wanted to learn from the best about preventing shiny faces!

I couldn't believe my eyes when Donna spent two minutes touching up my face. I was wearing a little bit of makeup already, but she applied a few products with expert brushes... and BAM! Huge difference. Stay tuned for some footage of this awesome day (along with the products that I will be carrying to share with clients) that is coming in the next few weeks. For now, enjoy these shots of the three of us learning from each other!

What are your favorite shine-reducing products? Leave a comment below.

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Em Wyllie says:

I'm definitely excited for GLAMCOR's cosmetics launch! I've been loving their lights and I think they'll be a great brand to follow in the future!

As far as shine-control, I really enjoy Urban Decay's De-Slick In A Tube underneath foundation to control high shine areas. After that, I lean toward MAC's Blot Powder Pressed to control shine that might leak through.

(06.21.11 @ 10:18 PM)
shelly block says:

i saw Donna's video- i am so happy you guys found that gem of a woman! i just love her and the video was adorable-now i am going to learn about you!- lots of love shelly

(06.24.11 @ 03:23 PM)

@Em GLAMCOR's products are totally insane! Thanks for the shine tips! Did you see Donna's video with what she used on me?
@Shelly So happy you like the video! And happy to have you over here too!!

(06.25.11 @ 09:42 AM)
susan Goldman says:

Hi I am a Donnashorts1 junkie. We correspond here and there. She is an awesome, beautiful soul> Keep me posted on everything. Best

(06.25.11 @ 10:01 AM)
Buffy says:

I love the chunky beaded silver necklace you are wearing, and wore on Donnashoets1 video. Where can I buy it? Thank you. BTW, your photos are awesome!

(06.27.11 @ 11:27 AM)

@Susan Awesome! Donna is great! @Buffy, I am wearing Jane Pope Jewelry's necklaces ( Her jewelry is beautiful!!

(06.28.11 @ 09:30 AM)