Notice the small things and be different. There are so many photographers out there, that it helps to strive to create images that are different. Different at every shoot. Different from anyone else. If you create images that are unique and that are a direct reflection of you and the couple, they will be amazing.

When I was photographing Liz and Brahm's wedding on Jost Van Dyke, I noticed these adorable children playing in the ocean. They were shy. But they kept coming near me. I noticed them right away. They were fascinated with my camera and with what was going on.

Look at the first photograph in this post. Do you see the little girl? She kept coming closer and closer to the bridal party as I started taking these images. I noticed her there, and I thought it would be amazing to have her and her brother in the photograph. The image would be unique (who else has little kids from a Caribbean island playing in the water during the portraits?). The image would be pure fun and a reflection of the easy going, creative, fun nature of the couple. I asked Liz and Brahm if they thought it would be cool if these children were in some of the bridal party portraits. They LOVED the idea. So we did it. 

These are my favorite wedding party portraits that I have ever taken.

P.S. Notice the last three images. The cups are coming lower and lower down as they got more used to the camera. I don't think they had ever seen a camera like mine!
P.P.S. What do you do to think outside the box when you are taking pictures?

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Shy says:

What a great idea to have the kids in the pictures! I'm sure you brought a lot of joy to their day, and I think that the experience is something that they will remember for a long time.

(06.16.11 @ 09:28 PM)
Maren Parsons says:

this is what i love about you... your heart and creativity are inspiring

(06.17.11 @ 03:27 PM)