What happens when you have a baby coming, a 2 year anniversary, a 10 year anniversary, sisters, and their husbands? Well, you get Julie, Rich, Maria and Tim in Central park on a beautiful spring day!

I photographed Julie and Rich's wedding in Central Park two years ago. And now they are celebrating their second year anniversary with a baby on the way! Julie brought her sister Maria and her brother in law Tim along for the shoot. What a great group of people. They are all beautiful. You will see in the pictures below how much laughing and playing was going on during the shoot. We had some fun in the park, and then we went to eat pretzels from the Sabrett stand. Such fun!

There is something about sisters that gets me every time. My sister Timmi and I are super close, and I love seeing that bond. I mean who else in the world understands you as well as your sister? Who else can you chat about anything with? Who else will sing in front of the mirror with you for hours? My sister and I can laugh for hours about the most ridiculous things. 

What is the silliest thing that you do with your best friend or sibling?

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Julie says:

Thank you Lindsey! It was so much fun to do this shoot with you and we're so grateful that you captured such great memories. Love all of the pictures - you're the best! xo

(06.15.11 @ 02:30 PM)
Shy says:

What fun and playful shots!

(06.18.11 @ 07:11 AM)