Those were the first words out of Mike's mouth when he saw me dressed this way. Not Bohemian. Not cool-cat. Not hipster. Hobo-mian. A mixture between a hobo and a bohemian. Big scarf. Huge hat. Too many patterns going on. What? Man Repeller? Are you out there? I think Leandra has a point. When women wear things that they think look cool, often men are actually repelled.

Speaking of repelling men, sometimes photography sessions actually repel men. The mere thought of it gives them the frozen/panicked/eyes-glazed-over look. They have these visions of standing still for hours not knowing what to do. Posing awkwardly. Bored. Kissing. But once they have had a session with me, that all changes. I promise. Every single guy that I have ever photographed has said how they actually had fun and how the session was completely different from what they had ever imagined.

How do I do it? Easy. Often at engagement sessions I haven't met the couple before, so I let loose and get to being myself really quickly. It's like we are really good friends walking around the city talking about fun things and there just so happens to be a camera clicking away while we chat. I talk so much while I shoot that when I get home I can't talk for the rest of the night. I jump. I run. I get really really excited. I love what i am doing so much, and I know that I couldn't portray happiness and love with real laughs if I was merely asking people to laugh for me. In every picture that you see laughter, it is contagious laughter. Just picture me in my hobo-chic (love this new word) outfit laughing and saying silly things behind the lens. Because that's really what is going on.

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Shy says:

So Chic!

(06.18.11 @ 07:12 AM)