We woke up super early (or maybe I should say I woke up super early, kids are up early every day) and did this shoot in the park. Look at that first shot. It's super rare to get a photograph of NO ONE else in Sheep's Meadow in Central Park. And that light! I am loving those shadows too. We sure lucked out.

Hannah, Abby and Sam are amazing. Mike and I know their family really well, and it is always a pleasure to capture their beautiful, energetic spirits. And the cream cheese all over Sam's face? Isn't that the best?

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Efrat says:

Oh my goodness - I Just LOVE the one where the little one is getting kisses from her sisters!!! These ladies are just ADORABLE!

(06.29.11 @ 12:14 PM)
marysia says:

so adorable...i think we need a family photo session asap:)

(06.29.11 @ 10:44 PM)
Shy says:

Cute family!

(06.30.11 @ 08:20 PM)