Ready to be repelled? If you don't know THE MAN REPELLER, then you are really missing out.

She is one of my favorite daily fashion reads. Incredible fashion. Bracelets. Harem pants. Outrageous shoes. Wit. Humour. You are going to love her.

I photographed her this week for her blog post. You can see it here. Head on over to win an ACNE jacket. Oh yeah, and follow her on twitter to win some cool stuff (and to be repelled daily, of course!)

Without further ado... Meet THE MAN REPELLER.

P.S. Did you see that bike rider getting repelled as he rode by? ha! it works!

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Timmi says:

So cool!! I want all of her clothes! Her rings are so awesome!!

(05.26.11 @ 01:02 PM)
Shy says:

What a cute smile and attitude!

(05.27.11 @ 09:14 PM)