Mike and I were in the Hamptons with three of our favorite couple friends this weekend. I love relaxing and being with good friends. People always ask me what places I like to go to the Hamptons and what things I like to do. More than anything, I love to eat at places on the side of the road, have BBQs at home with friends, and swim in the ocean.

Things that remind me of the Hamptons: Rose wine. Clam Bar. Shelter Island. Friends. Golfing. BBCs at Cyrils. La Fondita. Mint. Bathing suits. Long car rides through windy roads with the top down. Lobster rolls. Sand. Popsicles. Fresh watermelon juice. The ocean. Cucumbers. Flip flops. Deli sandwiches. Windblown hair. Surfing. BBQs. 

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timmi says:

love these and love the hamptons! looks like you guys had a blast!

(05.31.11 @ 04:46 PM)
Shy says:

It looks like a great time!

(05.31.11 @ 08:51 PM)