Lauren's cats (Ben and Boscoe) are adorable! I have never photographed cats before, and I thought for sure they would be running wild all over the house. But no. They were posing for the camera (see last picture of the series for evidence of perfect posing! haha).

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Lauren says:

Good boys! Awe they're so tiny! Thank you Lindsey, they look amazing!!!!!

(05.24.11 @ 09:36 AM)
Shy says:


(05.25.11 @ 06:59 AM)
jeff says:

love cats and love this post — great job!

(05.25.11 @ 11:41 AM)
maribel says:

so freaken cute!! the second pic is the "Tony Montana" stare down! LOL

(12.12.11 @ 12:18 PM)