April 5, 2011
'It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.' - Helen Keller

On the subway yesterday, I read this quote, and it got me thinking about this idea of sight versus vision. My world is my camera lens (and my eyes). My sight. But I push that sight further with my goals for my business, my clients, and my art. My vision.

I see a lot of blind people in NYC, and I think about them a lot. I have a tough enough time getting around in this city, but there are people doing it without their sight. And I am so in awe. Reading this quote from Helen Keller made me stop in my tracks and remember that everyone is dealing with their own issues and problems and that everyone must make the best of what they are working with. Vision isn't about seeing. It's about potential, opportunities, and pushing boundaries. 

What would it be like not to see? Would your vision become stronger? What do you think?

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timmi says:

I think that whether you can "see" or not is irrelevant. It's all about dreaming big, being kind and turning life's roadblocks into something scandalous! :)

(04.05.11 @ 01:29 PM)
Shy says:

What an inspiring and meaningful message!

(04.05.11 @ 02:55 PM)