This week I became even more intrigued by the backgrounds that I so often shoot. The street art. The graffiti. The sculptures. They aren't just words or colors or shapes. They have a story. A background story. An inspiring story. Just like the people I shoot.

I never realized how complex the graffiti scene was until I watched Exit Through the Gift Shop, a movie directed by Banksy (the famous anonymous street artist). The underground scene. The crazy cool names that the artists give themselves. The marketing. The money. The craziness. The art shows. I appreciate the graffiti that I photograph people in front of so much more now. I see it differently. I imagine the artists. I am inspired by their work.

I also never realized that it would be possible for someone who only has use of their eyes to create graffiti until I watched an incredible TED story about Mick Ebling's invention for a famous graffiti artist in the 80s named TEMPT. Tempt was diagnosed with ALS and went from full use of his body to complete paralysis (he could only use his eyes to communicate). Mick met Tempt, recognized that Tempt needed a way to do his art, committed to Tempt's family that he would find a way, surrounded himself with a team of experts, and ultimately created the Eyewriter. Tempt and anyone that is paralyzed can now communicate. The software is free, the code is free, the device is free. Tempt can create the art that inspires so many people. I was forced to see things differently when I watched this talk. This TED story taught me how important this art is to a lot of people, how important self expression is, and how important it is to know people's stories so that if you see something that is not possible, make it possible. Mick Ebling inspires me.

What inspires you? What makes you see things differently? 

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Shy says:

So cool!

(04.20.11 @ 08:19 PM)
Shy says:

So cool!

(04.20.11 @ 08:20 PM)
sam says:

These streets always manage to make themselves new again!

(04.21.11 @ 03:35 PM)