April 4, 2011
After London, Mike and I travelled to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. 

It has been so cold in NY, that just the thought of wearing my flip flops again in Mexico made me smile. I love the sun and the water and the sand. We spent most of the time relaxing and swimming, but we did play a little golf and ran a few times. We needed some exercise after all of the pina coladas (my favorite!) and chips and guacamole. 

The resort that we stayed at had a lot of wild life. Iguanas. Some strange animal (see if you can see it in the blog post) that looked like it was part squirrel but much bigger. Beautiful birds. Geckos. 

I feel totally recharged.

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Erica says:

Amazing photos! Which hotel did you stay at?

(04.04.11 @ 12:25 PM)
timmi says:

Fabulous! Were you referring to Mike, or that cute little cross between a mouse/dear/wombat/groundhog-looking thing? Love all of the pictures!

(04.04.11 @ 01:08 PM)
Meg says:

Love both the London and the Mexico photo, Lindsey! You've made me feel as if I were there!

(04.04.11 @ 01:17 PM)
Nicola says:

We saw those weird little animals when we were there too! I can't remember what they were called, but we were told!

(04.04.11 @ 09:49 PM)
Efrat says:

That sea gull is flying away with your Pina Colada pineapple topper!!!

(04.05.11 @ 01:23 AM)

@ Erica - We stayed at The Royal Hideaway Resort.
@ Timmi - Haha
@ Nicola - I knew what it was called at one point too. It was the weirdest looking animal.
@ Efrat - Good catch! Wasn't mine but it was someone else's! Those birds were stealing everyone's food.

(04.05.11 @ 08:52 AM)
Efrat says:

That sea gull is flying away with your Pina Colada pineapple topper!!!

(04.05.11 @ 12:15 PM)
Shy says:

That water looks so refreshing! Love the shot of the chips and dip!

(04.05.11 @ 03:00 PM)
Anonymous says:

You look recharged too woman! Beautiful photos, showing off nature, really sensual and inspiring....

(04.06.11 @ 02:35 PM)