I love twins. There is something about that bond that is so special to see. Maddie and Ethan are adorable! Take a look at their eyes. And cheeks! Maddie was very into the camera. She loved our session. I am sure part of it was because she was dressed up in the cutest jean skirt I have ever seen! Wendy and Matt just adore these babies. I loved watching them with Maddie and Ethan.

It's always funny to me (and to the parents) to remember what was going on behind the scenes of these baby shoots to get the babies and the dogs looking at the camera. Toys. Treats. Sparkly objects. Metallic balloons. You name it, we are shaking it! And singing. And dancing. It's pretty funny.

Thank you again for a beautiful day!

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Shy says:

The picture of the twins with the dog on the couch is so cute!!!

(04.15.11 @ 06:44 AM)