April 1, 2011
"Speaking of new experiences... I ate at an Indian restaurant. I had Naan!" -- Hank Hooper, Jack's new boss on 30 Rock

Yes, it's true, I too had a new experience. And I actually felt like I was bonding with Hank on 30 Rock for a millisecond when I heard that quote the other day. I had Indian food (and Naan!) for the first time EVER while I was in London. I am deathly allergic to all nuts, peas, beans, and lentils and am always nervous about eating Indian food. Since London is known for its Indian food (and it's Mike's favorite food), we went to an awesome restaurant. I LOVED it.

And I love London. I love the people. I love the fashion (trenches and leopard print scarves were everywhere!). I love the architecture. I love the way they do things. 

*We did lots of sightseeing and hanging out with my sister Jennifer who lives in London and Mike's sister Emily who was there for work.
*We ran in Hyde Park and loved watching all of the yellow vested people cycling and running to work with large backpacks on. 
*We ate fish and chips with the skin still on the fish and vinegar on the chips! I have never seen that before.
*We had high tea service at Brown's Hotel. I loved the clotted cream and strawberry jam on the warm scones.
*We rode the London Eye.
*We saw Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace, and Trafalgar Square. 
*We rode Tube and loved reading all of the names of the lines and stops. Much more fun to have a line called 'Baker Loo' than 'the red line'. 
*We toured Kensington, Nottinghill and Portobello market. I would like to live in Kensington.
*We looked at the Picassos and the Van Gogh paintings at the National Gallery and Tate Modern.
*We walked across the Millennium Bridge.
*We walked on Drury Lane and didn't see the muffin man! 
*We rode on a double decker bus. 
*We shopped at Harvey Nichols and Harrods.
*We drank Pimms, flat whites, and Shandies.
*We ate a Gordon Ramsey restaurant and were completely 'wowed' by the food and the service. 

London, I already miss you and can't wait to come back. Such fun!!!

Note: Most of these are taken on my point and shoot! ;)

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John Lynch says:

What a great set of photos! They really capture what it's like to live in London. Don't you love the blue plaques like the one about Chopin that you captured?

(04.01.11 @ 12:24 PM)
Timmi says:

Such fun! Such fun! I have to admit that I was hoping that you would have "bumped" into Miranda!

(04.01.11 @ 01:18 PM)
Anar says:

I just loves these!!! Looks like you guys had the best time!!! xoxo

(04.01.11 @ 06:54 PM)
Shy says:

Your trip looks like it was so fun!

(04.03.11 @ 12:11 PM)
Tala says:

Great pictures of London! I can't wait to go back... I love the one from the Lodon Eye!

(04.04.11 @ 03:56 AM)