I just got home from a whirlwind trip! London and then Mexico! Mike and I had a fabulous time away together. More to come on the blog in the next week.

Photographing people is incredible; I absolutely love getting to know people and capturing their relationships. It is always so interesting to quickly get to see intimate relationships between people. I am more and more in love with my job every day.

Seeing Whitney and Howard together was awesome. I love when couples have fun together. It is pure magic to see their faces light up in smiles when they look at each other. And the laughter. Oh the laughter. I love it. Thank you both for being so fun!

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timmi says:

Beautiful couple and I love the red coat!!

(03.30.11 @ 02:33 PM)
Georgine Jeffries says:

Super Duper CUTE!!

(03.31.11 @ 09:02 AM)
Shy says:

Love these! They look so happy.

(03.31.11 @ 11:33 AM)