I have been away for the past few weeks photographing a beautiful wedding in Sweden (just outside of Stockholm) and skiing in the Swiss Alps. So I have a ton of neat things to come on the blog.

Traveling for weddings is incredible. I have never been to Sweden. Lotta and Anton's wedding was truly spectacular and gorgeous. They had their ceremony at a tiny old stone church called Lidingo Church. So intimate and romantic. Their reception was held at Hogberga Gard, a beautiful castle on the water. 

When I first walked out to the water to check out the venue, my jaw dropped right off of my face. I have never seen such an incredible site. Miles and miles of patterned ice. I felt cold, refreshed, and alive. There was snow on the ground but the sun was shining for most of the day. 

I had never met Lotta and Anton before their wedding, and it was pure magic to see their relationship. They are both witty, fun, playful, and full of contagious laughter. They are troopers. Lotta was outside in the cold in her beautiful dress for hours while we played with the snow and the light. I feel incredibly honored to have been there to capture their sweet love. 

Thank you for having me at your beautiful wedding. 

Ceremony: Lidingo Church
Reception: Hogberga Gard
Makeup: Lisa Derkert

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catalina says:

Lindsey what a gorgeous wedding!!!!
that triangle patterned ice floats is incredible - and that church is amazing!!!!
yay! way to go!

(03.15.11 @ 11:40 AM)

Lindsey, there are some absolutely striking shots from this wedding. Particularly, the angles in the church are amazing! Your work continually wows me. The rice shot outside the church is awesome. And the photo of the four groomsmen walking outside is so Beatles Abbey Road cool. OUTSTANDING WORK!!!!!!! This couple should be ultra thrilled.

(03.15.11 @ 11:57 AM)
Timmi says:

What a beautiful wedding and beautiful couple! Such amazing memories and incredible images!

(03.15.11 @ 12:33 PM)
Michael says:

Great blog post! Your clients were real troopers to pose for all these shots outside... having been there, I happen to know that it was not as warm as you made it look in the photographs! It is all worth it for them now that they have these amazing pictures to help them remember their special day.

(03.15.11 @ 02:05 PM)
Shy says:

I love these photos. The purple socks are awesome!

(03.15.11 @ 07:47 PM)
Rachel Clare says:

Lindsey, these are incredible. My very favorite wedding of yours! The ice made MY jaw drop, and I'm just looking at a small image. What an experience!

(03.17.11 @ 12:30 PM)
Anton & Lotta says:

Lindsey we love all these photos they are amazing. We had such a great day and you captured every moment of it. Thank you so much!!

(03.17.11 @ 09:58 PM)
Tala says:

Lindsey, they're amazing!! All of your energy and incredible enthusiasm comes through in your work. It's so much fun to look at. What wonderful memories you've created!

(03.18.11 @ 04:26 AM)
June Waidson says:

One Word - Stunning!

(03.21.11 @ 07:22 AM)
Evan Parkes says:

Love the mexico pics, a lot of really really cool ones, love ya!!!

(04.06.11 @ 03:04 AM)
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