Happy belated Valentine's! I adore this week every year! It's a time to think about the people that you love and appreciate. I have said before that I am so happy that through photography I meet new people and get to see into their relationships and witness their love.

I met Serena when I photographed her as a surprise for Tommy. I talked in that blog post about being instant friends. Serena is such a giving, kind person. She is a beautiful soul. I met Tommy shortly after that shoot and was utterly blown away by their love. They have a beautiful connection. They joke. They stare. They kiss. They talk. Seriously true love.

I feel so lucky to know you both.

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Shy says:

I love these photos, especially the playful ones!

(02.16.11 @ 12:47 PM)
Charity says:


(02.16.11 @ 06:29 PM)
tracy says:

These photos are fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing!

(02.16.11 @ 10:20 PM)
Timmi says:

Once again I love them all!

(02.17.11 @ 07:48 PM)