January 19, 2011
The weather right now in New York City is cold, slushy, and wet. I wish I was in St Thomas.

When Timmi and I travelled to St Thomas to photograph Ron and Michele's wedding, we spent a few extra days exploring. The Virgin Islands are like a little piece of heaven. 

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Timmi says:

Makes me want to go back there right NOW!!

(01.19.11 @ 02:35 PM)
Efrat Gal-Or says:

Timmi - Take me with you! Looks gorgeous!

(01.20.11 @ 12:51 AM)
Shy says:

So beautiful, just like Lindsey and Timmi!

(01.20.11 @ 06:11 PM)
Beebe says:

3 months!!! omg

(02.04.11 @ 01:57 PM)