January 24, 2011
'Find life experiences and swallow them whole. Travel. Meet many people. Go down some dead ends and explore dark alleys. Try everything. Exhaust yourself in the glorious pursuit of life.' - Lawrence K. Fish

Michael and I went to Greece over a year ago. When we arrived in Santorini, the view out to the Caldera took my breath away. Enjoy.

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nicole z. says:

you capture the most incredible shots! i love the dogs on the roof and the cat sneaking a bite ones especially. beautiful work lindsey!

(01.24.11 @ 04:51 PM)
jaine says:

these are stunning....

(01.24.11 @ 08:42 PM)
Shiva says:

Lovely photos Linds. My favorites are the two through the window

(01.25.11 @ 03:06 AM)
Shy says:

Greece looks fabulous, I love the sunsets.

(01.25.11 @ 07:49 AM)
Gina X says:

How gorgeous are these?! The kitten picture is precious!

(01.26.11 @ 02:44 PM)
Kerry says:


(01.27.11 @ 11:34 AM)
Carey says:

Ahhh Greece. I miss it dearly!haha I worked there two different summer s and seeing those blue skies really makes me miss it. Great shots Lind and we'll see you at WPPI!


(01.31.11 @ 12:33 PM)
Beebe says:

Gorgeous! what a great trip!

(02.04.11 @ 01:52 PM)