January 21, 2011
Chip and Jenny had their beautiful little girl Callie last week. Michael, my husband, and Chip have been best friends forever. We were so excited to hop on a plane to North Carolina to meet Callie. She was just three days old for this shoot.

Callie is adorable. That thick black hair and those chubby cheeks and dimples are too cute for words.

It's really hard to describe the happiness I feel when I see friends with their new babies. The love is incredible. Chip and Jenny are going to be amazing parents. I can't wait to watch Callie grow. 

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Georgine says:

Beautiful!!! Was hoping you would had taken photos and would post these :)

(01.21.11 @ 10:41 AM)
Valerie says:

These are simply the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen! My newest cousin is so precious and just the perfect model

(01.21.11 @ 12:48 PM)
Joy says:

Thanks for showing the pictures. She is beautiful!

(01.21.11 @ 07:31 PM)
Efrat says:

TOO CUTE! Congrats!

(01.22.11 @ 12:28 AM)
Shy says:

She is beyond cute! I love these photos. Congratulations to Chip and Jenny!

(01.22.11 @ 02:20 AM)
timmi says:

Congratulations Chip and Jenny. Callie is so beautiful and so cute!!!

(01.22.11 @ 12:40 PM)
beebe says:


(02.04.11 @ 01:56 PM)