December 16, 2010
Remember Florence and Pierre's Maternity session on the Brooklyn Bridge? Well, little Victoire was born. I love her name so much. Victory. Victoire. Amazing. She is such a sweet little one. We had so much fun. It was beautiful to see Florence and Pierre as a mother and father. They are so adorable with her. Congratulations!

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Virginie says:

Wow Hollywood Brooklynites with their baby star. I love the pics especially the one with the parents kissing in the background while Baby Victoire is sleeping! Congrats!

(12.16.10 @ 01:22 PM)
timmi says:

Wow, look at that cute little princess. What a doll! I love them all :)

(12.16.10 @ 01:24 PM)
Elsa G. says:

I love those pictures, they are amazing!!!
Baby Victoire is so cuuuuute!!

(12.16.10 @ 01:29 PM)
Shy says:

So cute. A new baby is such a blessing.

(12.16.10 @ 02:00 PM)
Andre says:

superb photos!
A good way to remember Brooklyn

(12.16.10 @ 02:04 PM)
Beebe says:

Oh my goodness! What an adorable mini person she is!!! Can't wait to see more :)

(02.04.11 @ 02:02 PM)